How To Do A Life

Audit Webinar

A life audit is a fairly straightforward concept, and yet many of us get hung up on it simply because the thought alone can seem quite daunting.

Simply put, a life audit is when you take a long, detailed, and honest look at various areas in your life to assess which are and aren’t helping you live to your highest potential.
A life audit involves becoming aware of how you want your life to align with your MISSION, and assessing your current situation to see how it alters from this.
This can involve some honest soul-searching, digging deep, and often making some difficult decisions, so I will warn you that it’s not for the faint-hearted!
When carried out correctly, honestly, and steadily, life audits can be incredibly empowering and inspiring. Many of my clients have noticed improvements in their life beyond the areas which they focused their attention on in their life audit. For example, by making positive changes in your
diet, your work-life improves. Making a change in your relationship also improves your environment- it can be quite powerful!

By attending this webinar you will :

1. Identify areas where you might need to make some changes in your life to align with your goals and mission. 

2. Identify ways for you to implement changes easily

3. Identify signs and signals in your outer environment that may indicate something might not be quite right in your inner environment.

Date: Saturday, 12/19/2021

Time: 4pm-5pm