Laws of Growth

Virtual Mastermind

Sharon Grant, licensed Professional Counselor & Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Coach, and Trainer will facilitate this in-depth study of John C. Maxwell's 5 Invaluable Laws of Growth. The group will meet as a mastermind bringing together collective knowledge regarding laws to implement in daily living to ensure you are becoming the best version of yourself!  Begin your growth journey!


  • The meetings will be held weekly on Monday, 7-8pm

  • Length of study: 3 weeks

  • Cost: Complimentary

  • Location: Online - Virtual

The weekly discussion topic of the Laws of growth may change. It is at the facilitator's discretion and the needs of the group.  Participants will receive an email copy of the participant's guides.  It is highly recommended that participants purchase the book for this mastermind group; however, it is not mandatory to participate.  You can purchase the book online at or at your local book store.


For this online session, participants will receive an email with the session link within 24 hours of the session start date.