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I'm Sharon Grant

CEO and Founder

Oasis Of Serenity Counseling & Consulting

Sharon had several defining moments that prompted her growth journey of personal development and entrepreneurship. Her self-growth journey began about 25+ years ago when she literally looked in the mirror and said “I don’t like who you are, I have got to change. I have to be better”. While she recognized the reflection in the mirror to be appealing and attractive; admittedly, her inner self was unpleasant & full of selfishness. She desired a healthy marriage and had enough self-awareness to know that the improvement had to start with her. In 2014, her dream since childhood to "help others" became a reality when she "opened the doors" to Oasis of Serenity Counseling & Consulting Services.


Understanding yourself is the first step in developing a healthy relationship with yourself, your significant other, your colleague, or your boss. It is critical that you have self-awareness and self-value in order to position yourself in the right relationships and environment both personally and professionally.

Your  work together will be a collaboration and her  role will be as the mirror, reflecting what she see, to you.  Sharon will be there to support you on your journey, not to direct it. The responsibility and power to fix your life belong only to you. But she  will give you the tools to help you accomplish that goal


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, and Marriage Coach, Sharon's passion for her work with couples is to be the conduit for couples to have a healthy relationship that builds happier families and helps create communities that are stronger and increase productivity for employers. She works with couples (pre-marital and married) to develop and foster emotional stability, empowerment, relationship satisfaction, and marriage longevity.


For organizations to be healthy in achieving desired outcomes, the employees must be healthy. Everything rises and fall on leadership. As an Independent Certified John C. Maxwell Personal Development Coach, Trainer & Speaker, Sharon is invested in providing quality affordable coaching and training to help individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive in teamwork, harmony, confidence, competence, identifying blind spots, leadership development and increased productivity towards providing a superior service to their most valuable asset – their customers.


Sharon is proud to be a United States Marine Corps Veteran, a breast cancer survivor, a wife of 15 years in a healthy marriage, and a mother. She and her family have a designated weekly family time, open conversations, say, “I love you” and hug each other often. They encourage and support each other. They are a blended family with a golden doodle. When Sharon is not working or spending time with family, she is active at her local church in ministry and strengthening her spirituality.


If you think Sharon is a good fit for you, your relationship, or your organization, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and she  will respond promptly.  Sharon is looking  forward to working with you!

Sharon Grant

Professional Licensure

  • Licensure as a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in Georgia


  • Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling

Professional Certification

  • John Maxwell Independent Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

  • Couple Prepare Enrich Trainer and Facilitator

  • CAADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor)

Sharon R Grant


Meet Jessica Gray

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Oasis Of Serenity Counseling & Consulting

Jessica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her background is primarily working as a Licensed Social Worker in the school system; therefore, she understands firsthand the difficulties your child/adolescent is facing.


Watching your child or adolescent struggle can be extremely disheartening and take a toll on the entire family unit. All children and adolescents deserve to feel comfortable and confident while navigating the trials and tribulations of their formative years. Children and adolescents often struggle to open up to close family members, and that is where Jessica steps in! Her goal as a mental health professional is to help children and adolescents navigate life’s challenges by equipping them with healthy coping skills and providing a safe space for self-expression.


Her therapy style is collaborative, supportive, and non-judgmental. Together, your child or adolescent and Jessica will explore the challenges they face and practice the skills needed to overcome them.


Are you overwhelmed trying to meet your child’s social and emotional needs as a 21st century parent?  Jessica can help!

Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitators

Oasis Of Serenity Counseling & Consulting

Emilio and Sharon have been married for 14 years.  


They know how challenging married life can be when you don’t have the emotional bandwidth to handle life’s stressors properly which directly impacts the overall satisfaction in your marriage.


Relationships thrive when there is serenity and understanding.  Let them help you get there!

Sharon and Emilio

Emilio & Sharon


2011 Commerce Drive N,

Suite B249

Peachtree City. GA. 30269





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