Find peace.

Even in the barren places.

"To find serenity is to find peace"

An oasis is fertile, lush land in the midst of a desert, where vegetation continues to grow and life can prosper despite the surrounding environment. To find serenity is to find peace. Our focus is on growth and inner peace. Peace within ourselves and with others.


As a therapist, speaker, trainer and coach, I emphasize authenticity, peace, growth and adding value to others.

I work with aspiring individuals, couples, teams, budding entrepreneurs, emerging leaders and small businesses to develop and foster emotional stability, empowerment, connectivity, teamwork, competence,  blind spot recognition, and leadership development.

-Sharon Grant, CEO and Founder

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Maxwell DISC Assessment

Oasis of Serenity is excited to now offer The Maxwell DISC Assessment!
This program raises the awareness of individuals, helping them to understand: Their DISC communication style, the communication style of others & how to connect to them, the ideal environment where they can bring their best forward, their strengths in 7 key areas of influence, and how they can grow into their potential. 


"Sharon represents integrity, standards, spiritual power, unconditional guidance, true person-centered treatment every time. She is quick on her feet and a to-the-point problem solver. I have learned a lot from her".

- T. Hegyi, LCSW 

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