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Cultivate Your Marriage

15 minutes is all it takes to

let us know how we can help.

To find serenity is to find peace.

We help couples understand their internal Oasis and experience peace and marriage longevity.

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I'm Sharon Grant

CEO and Founder

Oasis Of Serenity Counseling & Consulting

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Personal Development & Marriage Coach, I emphasize authenticity, peace, growth, and adding value to others.  My passion for my work with couples is to be the conduit for couples to have a healthy marital relationship. 

I have seen the devastation that infidelity causes in marriages and the aftermath it leaves for families.

I empower married couples to RECOVER from infidelity, restore trust, love, and commitment to their marriage.

Even in my own marriage experiences, I know how challenging married life can be when you don’t have the emotional bandwidth to handle life’s stressors properly which directly impacts the overall satisfaction in your marriage.  I help conflicted couples stay married, experience increased marital satisfaction, and find inner peace by teaching proven, effective relationship strategies that forge connection, intimacy and commitment.